Assistant State Attorney Daria DeBianchi is a veteran prosecutor with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. Despite delicate features and a petite frame, she’s a powerhouse in the courtroom. She’s sacrificed nights, weekends, and a social life to become Division Chief of a demanding trial unit, and she has her sights set on the recently vacated position of Chief of the contentious Sexual Battery Unit.  When she’s assigned to prosecute the horrific rape and murder of a pretty University of Miami coed, she knows right away that the case has the potential to generate headlines. And launch careers.

The accused is the handsome playboy heir to a luxury bath and body products company. The evidence is circumstantial, but damning. Working alongside City of Miami homicide detective Manny Alvarez, Daria begins to build her case against Talbot Alastair Lunders—the first order of which will be to make sure that the privileged defendant doesn’t get out of jail before she has a chance to bring him to justice.



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