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"A suspenseful tale of a woman determined to reclaim control of her life by any means possible. Retribution explores some chillingly dark places."- San Francisco Chronicle

"A thriller raised to a new level by skilled writing and real-life expertise."- Library Journal

"Jilliane Hoffman comes on the scene with a vengeance.... Twists and turns on the highest order an an ending that is downright breathtaking."- Booklist

"May well be this year's PRESUMED INNOCENT."-

"Jilliane Hoffman's debut thriller, Retribution, is a little bit James Patterson, a little bit John Grisham... Hoffman was once an assistant state attorney in Florida and, like many a lawyer-turned-writer, has a cinematic way with a courtroom scene...there's enough of the good stuff here to keep the pages turning... Retribution delivers."- NY Daily News

"...a psychological nail-biter that moves at lightning speed through a series of jury-jolting courtroom revelations."- Bookpage

"You'll be hooked at page one by this thriller."- Redbook

"An intriguing story. Jilliane Hoffman has the police procedures and legal matters down pat."- San Antonio Express News

"Like James Patterson or Patricia Cornwell, Jilliane Hoffman creates vivid, engrossing crime investigations. Her fast-paced thriller bears all the hallmarks of pop entertainment. It's a blockbuster movie in the waiting."- Time Out, New York

"Jilliane Hoffman is the latest and one of the most promising of a long line of female writers with legal backgrounds who are adding their energy and smarts to the courtroom thriller field. In her fiction debut, Hoffman makes C. J. Townsend tough and touching, as believable as a victim as she is as a vindicator. Townsend works out a nasty, exciting scenario for revenge that should thrill and delight anyone who has come to believe that real retribution is beyond their grasp."- Chicago Tribune

"Retribution is an exceptional debut novel. Ms. Hoffman develops her characters to such a degree that the reader feels every emotion that C.J. feels. We empathize with her completely. We hold our breath when she does and feel her panic that dream-the climax is chillingly good. An absolutely remarkable first outing."- Rendevous Magazine

"The new star in the legal horizon is Jilliane Hoffman, if Retribution is any indication of her skills. If the answer is yes and more books as great as this follows, fans will discuss her name along side of Patricia Cornwell, Linda Fairstein and Perri O'Shaugnessy. The characters are well developed (especially the villain and avenging angel), and the storyline is original with spellbinding action."- Midwest Book Review

RETRIBUTION is a Top Ten BookSense Pick and is a main selection of the Book of the Month, the Literary Guild, the Doubleday Book Club and the Mystery Book of the Month Club. Retribution was recently selected as the International Book of the Month in twenty countries.

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